7 of the Best Gunsmithing Tools and Kits

Are you thinking of working on your gun yourself?

It can be very satisfying to complete the project at home, but you may not have all the tools you need. To be sure you have everything the project requires, take a look below at our handy list of the 7 best gunsmithing tools.

best gunsmithing tools
master disassemble repair and clean the auto assault rifle gun

1. Hex Tools

You’ll need a set of hex tools, or allen wrenches. A lot of guns have this style of screw heads. They come in metric sizes as well as standard U.S. sizes, so make sure you get a set of each.

2. Armorer’s Wrench

An armorer’s wrench is a tool with all the typical sizes of wrenches you need to work on firearms. While some recommend specific gunsmithing tools and wrenches for each gun you’re working on, an armorer’s wrench is a great way to get them all in one without purchasing many tools. It won’t have everything you need, but it’s a good start.

3. Brass Hammer

Brass is a soft metal, so it will do less damage to the gun than a steel hammer. Of course, you don’t mean to hit the gun, rather than the punch, but accidents happen.

You don’t want nicks and dings on your new firearm, and any brass that marks up your gun wipes off easily. The brass hammer’s soft metal head also absorbs more shock, so it bounces less when you hit it.

4. Punches: The Best Gunsmithing Tools

You use these brass tools to drive pins in when working on a gun. The brass performs the same gentle work on your gun that the brass hammer does, with little damage and easy cleanup. Get a set that ranges at least from 1/16th up to 5/16ths so you can work on all kinds of firearms.

5. Loctite or Other Threadlocker

This sticky, glue-like substance helps lock screws in place. Because the joints on guns get put under enormous pressure during firing, the screws can back out of their own accord. Loctite helps you keep the screws in place so the gun doesn’t fall apart.

6. Clamps

You’ll want a series of clamps or vises to help hold the gun and gun parts while you work on them. If a tool slips while you’re making an adjustment, it can leave a large scratch on the side of the gun. Worse yet, you can give yourself a cut or a bruise if it hits your hand.

Rather than risking the injury or damage, use a vise to grip the gun piece. Then you can wrench on the piece as hard as you want without worrying about hurting yourself. Practice these important safety tips while using the vise.

7. Screwdrivers

You don’t have to get a special set of screwdrivers to work on your gun. Do inspect your collection, though, to ensure you have many sizes. The worst way to find out you don’t have the tool you need is when you’re in the middle of the project.

DIY Gun Repair

Whether you’re building a gun from scratch or repairing your gun, you’ll want to make sure you have the best gunsmithing tools to help. Use these 7 common gadgets to make your project go smoothly.

These aren’t the only ones you may need, but they’ll get you on the road to a fully-functional gun.

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