10 Best Air Rifles Reviews (Hunting Pellet Gun) 2019

Sometimes finding the best pellet gun depending on a variety of factors – from shooting velocity measured by feet per second, the ease of viewing through the scope and up to the gun being made in an ambidextrous design for hunters of both dominant hands. There’s also a need for having a very quiet aftersound when you are out in the field trying to get a good animal.

Below are a series of air rifle reviews that will hopefully help one decide the type of air rifle they can use on their next hunting trip, whether they want to use .177- or .22-caliber rounds for birds, rabbits, smaller hogs and other targets. Some want more pellet velocity and others wish for a less impactful recoil to be considered one of the best pellet rifles.

Top 10 best air rifle in the market 2019

Whether costing a few or several hundreds, all of these have something to offer for future hunting trips.

Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Best selling Air Gun on Amazon

One of the big reasons hunters select this .177-caliber air rifle is for the with the ability to shoot at speeds of 1,200 feet per second with a performance ballistic alloy bullet and about 1,000 feet per second with a common lead bullet. Because this model can work with various types of ammunition, this model is considered a good choice for hunters in multiple conditions.

This air rifle comes with a durable black synthetic stock for all kinds of weather, along with a ventilated rubber pad designed for absorbing the recoil. There is also a manual trigger and automatic cocking system for a higher level of safety.

The Gamo Whisper Silent Cat features a base to mount the included 4×32 rifle scope. That scope is considered a good enough quality where it is easy to mount with a stop pin.

Another thing that makes this model easy to use for all skill levels is not having to use as much effort to cock the weapon, with the ability to do several during a long day of shooting without causing any arm fatigue.

Another feature that many hunters will appreciate is the noise dampener that reduces the noise from firing the rifle by more than 50 percent – although it cannot be removed to replace with a dampener the customer may want to use from before.

Top Air Gun Gamo Silent Cat air rifle Review

Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2

Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle Review

This gas piston model offers a single-shot weapon that includes a steel barrel with nearly 16 inches of thickness. This Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 also includes an enhanced two-staged trigger that can be adjusted, a clean break trigger, a picatinny optics rail and a manual safety stock that includes a black synthetic thumbhole that works for those who are left and right handed hunters.

The recoil pad also includes an integral sound suppression system, along with a Nitro Piston system that makes this rifle an upgrade from others with a metal mainspring – a smoother cocking and shooting with no spring torque or fatigue – even if it is kept in the cocking position for several hours. Because this model is designed to handle colder winters, this model has more longevity than some of its competitors on the market.

It is a heavier gun with about eight pounds, but it does maintain consistent accuracy from about 25 to 30 yards out.

The .22-caliber version is also very quiet that won’t disturb the neighbors if you practice in your backyard, while the .177-calber is a little louder while shooting pellets at a higher speed.

Best Gun Benjamin Trail NP2 Air Rifle Review

Gamo Whisper Fusion .177 Caliber

Gamo Whisper Fusion

Thanks to the Inert Gas Technology, the Gamo Whisper Fusion rifle is the company’s latest model that offers a reloading, pneumatic system that replaces the more common spring loading system to reduce the vibration of the gun’s stock, less internal friction and a consistently powerful and precise shot.

This single-shot that offers a fiber option rear sight with an 11 millimeter scope rail and works in conjunction with the Whisper Fusion’s double-integrated noise dampener to have almost 90 percent less noise, according to reports. Additionally, the polymer barrel jacket with a shockwave absorber recoil pad also decreases the vibration by about 74 percent.

Like other Gamo pellet guns, this offers a stock that can be vertically adjusted – for either left- or right-handed hunters – that offers a smooth action trigger with two stages.

One of the only things wrong with this model is the stock that requires readjustments every few shots. But many customers have replaced it with a newer stock to their liking.

Gamo Whisper Fusion Air Rifles .177 3-9x4

Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel

Benjamin Trail NP XL 1100 Break Barrel

This is a hunter endorsed .22-caliber air rifle that can shoot a variety of alloy pellets up to 1,100 feet per second – a very good rate of speed for something that is a little bit smaller than some of the best air pellet gun models. The Benjamin Trail NP XL is also compatible with lead pellets up to 950 feet per second.

This sleeker model, which is only 49 inches long and weighs less than nine pounds, has no shortage of features that will attract hunters – a Centerpoint score that comes with windage and elevation adjustments that can be made, a Weaver style rail, a safety level and padded buttstock.

As this rifle is used more and more, the noise from each shot gets quieter while maintaining accuracy from a distance, which also gets better after using it more. Some customers have mentioned that their shot groups were about six inches wide during the first 150 rounds and then down to three inches later that day from 50 yards – eventually getting down to two inches the next day.

There is no sling that comes with this air rifle and it is not available to be shipped to states like California, Delaware, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, District of Columbia and Massachusetts.

Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 .177 Caliber Nitro Piston

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