Best Diving knives

Diving knives can be a life saver and serves as a vital tool for divers when underwater. This tool may be small but it can handle any obstacle that comes its way.

A diving knife can disentangle you and set you free from ropes, heavy underwater bushes and anything that can ensnare you. Being trapped underwater could be a potential traumatic experience, but with a diving knife strapped to your side, you can work your way out of a mess.

In this review you will find a few of the top choices for diving knives, available on the market today.


Atomic Aquatics Titanium Ti6 Scuba Diving Knife

The Atomic Aquatics Titanium Ti6 diving knife is very versatile for many reasons. First and foremost, the blade of this knife is made of an anti-rust material that can weather salt water and any other type of environment. The 4 inch blade delivers an incredible sharpness and it is gracefully designed with a serrated side.

With a handle that is full-tang, the diver gets the required support needed for cutting oneself loose from a trap. The handle has finger grooves for safe usage and a Titanium end cap, for an easy disassemble and knife clean-up.

Provided are quick-adjust sheath straps to keep the knife securely strapped to the side of diver, in order to be easily accessed. A push button, releases the knife immediately when needed.

Available for purchase with either a pointed or blunt tip. Users recommend the blunt tip in order to avoid a high risk of accidently hurting yourself with the knife. However, both tips work well to get the job done.

Unfortunately this knife is very expensive and does not come with a lifetime warranty. Despite its price it is still an attractive purchase for the avid diver.

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