5 Best Hunting Face Masks Reviews-Buyer Guide 2020

Why is hunting face masks are Important ?

Ground blind is key of in hunting game. If you are blind hunting or if you’re sitting down at a tree or your spawn stalking in a tree stand. You will want to be covered from head to toe in camo gear. Gear to pick-up will include a hunting camo jacket with hood, camouflage pants, gloves and a camouflage mask or paint

Your Face is very white even if you tan it’s just a big blob of color that an animal will spot. That is why we need hunting mask and hunting paint to break up and give camouflage.

A best hunting face mask should be able to keep you hidden, comfortable, maintain good vision and regulates temperature because it is what defines the success of your hunt.

Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Winter Balaclava Ski Mask

Take your hunting a step ahead with this real tree camouflage winter ski balaclava mask. Its patterns are artistically made and blends well giving a hideous appearance.

The mask is made of wind protectant fabric that panel over sensitive facial areas. The mesh panel over the mouth also allows one to breathe easily while exhaling air without fogging the glasses.

The mask’s hinge design makes it versatile hence can be worn either as a ski mask to neck gaiter. You don’t need to worry about the size since the mask stretches and can be worn by many people in addition to being lightweight.


  • Made of thick fleece that feels warm
  • Extra fabric and perfect cut hence doesn’t ride over the forehead
  • Highly effective against wind and cold
  • High-quality material stitching


  • The extra fabric rides from bottom to the eyes so you’ll have to keep pulling it down
  • It is too big and may be awkward on the face
  • The mask is improperly fitted around the ventilated area
  • Doesn’t match the effects in extreme temperatures

North Mountain Gear Ambush HD Camouflage

North Mountain Gear Ambush HD Camouflage Hunting Full Cover Ghillie Leafy 3D

The name sells it away for its area of suitability; Made of high-quality material to withstand the harsh conditions that a hunter may encounter in the woodlands. This Ghillie Leafy 3D face mask is made in a leafy pattern with finely micro meshed netting that gives one a complete facial camouflage. The mesh efficiently allows one to breathe even in woods and adds up to give one warm ventilation. The material is elastic and comfortable hence can be adjusted to perfectly fit into anyone’s head. The eyehole opening offers an unobstructed vision as they conform to the face.


  • Versatile and camouflages well
  • Wide and perfect eyehole opening un-obstructing vision
  • High quality fabric that is durable
  • Effective in warm weather


  • Made of a too transparent mesh
  • Comes in one size hence may not fit many
  • Made of thin material
  • Reflective hence may give one away

Dxona Outdoor Camouflage mask

Dxnona® Outdoor Warm Windproof Camouflage Fleece Head Hat Face Mask

Comfort and elegance meet a hunter going for Dxona Outdoor face camouflage mask. The mask is made of warm finely coded fleece and covers the face, head, and the neck region without suffocation. It is multi-sized, multi-colored and artistically designed to match with your camouflage suit. The mask is versatile and can be used either as a mask or a scarf. The eyehole opening is widely and perfectly cut out giving you the full view of your game search. The material is light, barely a hundred grams in weight hence you don’t have to worry about bulk on your head. 


  • Made of warm fleece
  • Multi-functional hence may serve many purposes
  • Light weight
  • Suitable for extreme environments and durable


  • Not suitable for warm environments
  • The mask is thick and may suffocate one during extreme cardio activity
  • High Price

Dxnona® Outdoor Warm  Face Mask

WTACTFUL 350g Fleece Balaclava Mask

WTACTFUL Balaclava Ski Mask

This is probably the most versatile face mask, functions as a balaclava, half face mask, neck gaiter, open face mask, and pirate hat. It is made of comfortable three layers of fabric and silk for the polyester coded elastic outside and fleece to give a warm inside. The mask is lightweight at on 350 grams with exquisite sewing craft making it durable suitable for any hunting environment. It conforms well with winter hunting and gives a hideous dark appearance in the woods or dark hunting environments. The mask is multi-sized thus everyone’s got theirs, easy to wash and well ventilated preventing suffocation.


  • Many color options
  • Suitable for a skiing environment
  • Warm and dry effective in humid areas
  • Made of high quality lightweight material


  • It fogs one’s googles
  • Can get wet from moisture when one is breathing
  • Not good for extreme conditions
  • The neck part is a little bit tighter than the other parts of the mask
 WTACTFUL Balaclava Ski Mask

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