9 Best Ice Chests Reviews-Buyer Guide 2019

Quest for the best Ice chests – Intro

What are the best ice chests on the market?

On a hot day when the sun is beaming, your body feeling dehydrated and your mouth yearning for the taste of a refreshing beverage, you start thinking is there a way for you to take a drink with you whilst keeping it as cold as a refrigerator?

Well, good thing we have coolers!

There are many reasons why to get a cooler, either for a simple drink at a picnic to the advance; fishermen keeping their prized catch fresh for days, there are many why to reasons why it worth looking for the best ice chests.

Top 5 reviews:

We at the cooler reviews have gone through many categories of ice chests, from the heavy-duty coolers to the soft backpack coolers to present to you what we have deemed best ice chests of 2019.

Igloo Polar Cooler

Igloo Polar Cooler

The first on the best ice chests list, is the Igloo Polar Cooler, a great Yeti alternative.
we’re now onto the big dogs of coolers, With a whopping 120 quarts the Igloo polar cooler can be used for various uses, large/ heavy duty coolers such as the Yeti tundra and the Igloo cooler are great for keeping fish freshly preserve for up to 9 days after a long day of fishing.

Sizes and Measurements

With exterior dimensions of 38.31 x 17.38 x 17.75, the Igloo cooler has the capacity to hold up to 188 cans, a beast for when it comes to tailgate parties. With Ultratherm insulation technology, the Igloo cooler can be kept warm up to 5 days in at temperatures of 90 degrees Fahrenheit.


The problems with most cooler is the problem with leaks, and spillage of contents, the Igloo cooler provides a secure lid closure, in the event that the cooler is put on its sides when packing. Once used the ice and contents can be poured out with the use of a threaded drain plug.

Pros & Cons

  • Long Ice retention time for up to 5 days at 90 degrees
  • Large capacity of 120 quart
  • Great for keeping fish fresh
  • Strong and durable, can be use as a seat
  • Handles may not be that strong, there has been a few complaints of how the handles appear to snap off under pressure of load in the ice chest

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