5 Best Pocket Knife Reviews-Buyer Guide 2019

Are you searching for the best pocket knife? If yes, your search ends here as we describe the most highlighted features of the latest trendy knives you would like to know. It is always good to carry a posh yet simple knife which is considered as a functional tool. Highly compact in the size you can carry them anywhere.

You must be aware on how to buy one and what are the best features to look for. We prepare you with most of the intelligent techniques and concepts one should know. You will surely learn about the  knife and methods of finding it when you plan to buy it.

What is the Best Pocket Knife?

A knife with single or more blades which can fold into the handle when you are not using it is counted among the best pocket knives. The multifunctional tool is not only handy but gives an impression of manliness and strength when you have it in your pocket.

History of the Pocket Knife

The pocket knife began to derive its popularity by the late 16th century, especially with the American colonies. The knife was carried by the farmers, lawyers and men of all walks of life. A highly modeled portable tool; it was a useful aid for multiple tasks as well.

The pocket knife has been an inseparable tool for soldiers during the American Revolution. George Washington carried with him as he led his troops. It was well issued to the sailors during the Civil War too. The similar was experienced during the World War II.


The utility of the multi-blade knife is much more than the words could explain. It helps you in cutting an apple, rope or tags or even when opening a box. The most common design of pocket knives is jack knife, multipurpose knife and the pen knife.

Case Small Genuine Stag Stockman Pocket KnifeCase Small Pocket Knife

Highlighted Powerful Features

  • The best pocket knife you can choose from the whole lot is the case cutlery 178 which is embedded withCase Cutlery attractive features that are crafted just for you.
  • The knife is fitted with surgical steel blades which are genuine and sharp. This enhances you in cutting the object very quickly and easily.
  • The product Nature is sheep foot clip with pen blades which are made in The USA. So corrosion is highly resistant to the product.
  • The warranty is for a lifetime which assures you that your investment is not wasted on a simple knife.
  • This is counted among the best pocket knives. It is mirror polished which has honed razors edge. The results are really amazing when you use them.
  • Genuine in quality and appearance you can be the proud owner of the product which you can really buy from us.
  • The weight of the pocket knife is only 1.2oz
  • The length measurement of the knife is 2 5/8 when closed
  • Being the proud owner of the knife, you can carry it in your pocket as it is highly flexible in folding and storing it aside anywhere.
  • The specifications of the unique product are 5333 SS and the product dimension is 4.5 x 0.8 x0.4 inches

MASTER USA MU-A001BC Spring Assisted Knife

Master Folding KnifeHighlighted Powerful Features

The amazing and decisively created MASTER USA MU-A001BC Spring Assisted Knife, 4.5-Inch Closed suits Master Knifeevery man’s need and desire of perfection. The model has closed up to 4.5 inches.
Your best pocket knife is corrosion resistant
The accomplished black stainless steel blade has 3.25-point blade
It has a brown camo in the ABS handle
Another unique and excellent feature is that it has a lanyard as well
The feature of the pocket knife is made interesting with pocket clips, glass breaker and seat belt cutter too.
This pocket knife is from Master USA and has Ballistic features
The utility based product the pocket knife assists you in rescuing yourself from various situations that are risky as well.
The size is very handy and is highly portable to any place, especially in your pocket.

Kershaw 1605CKTST Black Clash Folding Serrated SpeedSafe Knife

Highlighted Powerful FeaturesMaster USA MU-A001 Series Spring Assist Folding Knife

  • The attractive and handy best pocket knife comes with the press flipper opening systems.
  • The product is highly corrosion resistant and so it can withstand wetness or dampness when utilizing it.
  • The sharpened blades just prove to be handy and slice every single piece without a strain or tension as seen in blunt knives
  • The product has a quality steel of 8Cr13MoV, which has black oxide coating. An exceptional of two-step of the partial canine is found in this model.
  • The length of the blade is 3 1/8 inches and when closed the length is 37/8 inches.
  • The weight of the handy knife is 3.4 ounces with fanciful pocket clip
  • The sharp and graceful knife just gives you a sparkling cut of slices and bits making your work more easy and comfortable.

Case Cutlery 10276 Blue Lagoon Small Stockman

Highlighted Powerful FeaturesPattern Hunting Knives

  • The gorgeous product Case Cutlery 10276 Blue Lagoon Small Stockman is available to you with a lifetimeCase Cutlery 10276 Blue Lagoon Small Stockman warranty
  • The material of the blade is Tru-Sharp surgical stainless steel and is jigged with Blue Lagoon Bone. To make it more attractive, it is shielded with Bowtie Nickel Silver Script.
  • It is very quick, easy and comfortable when utilizing as no pressure is required for cutting.
  • It has got a linear double locking system making it steady and fixing it to a strong platform.
  • The stainless steel pocket knife gives the glaze of perfection and works with 8 Cr13MoV. It has got a coating of black oxide and a two-step of partial serration.
  • The blade length is 3 1/8 inches which give you a perfect handy knife that can be carried to any place.
  • The closed length of the best pocket knife is 3 7/8 inches. The weight of the product is only is 3.4 ounces which help you store it in your pocket.
  • Availability of pocket clip gives a Midas touch to the  knife which you can have everywhere.
  • The multipurpose pocket knife gives you the performance of rope cutting to slicing as well.
  • It is resistant to heat which ensures you the hardness, ability and strength. It is a product that can be termed as the technology with a new phase.
  • The pocket knife is resistant to corrosion
  • The product dimension is 5 x 2.5 x 1 inches

US Army Rescue Folding Knife w/ LED Light Attached – ACU Camo HandleUS ARMY RESCUE FOLDING KNIFE

  • The smooth, elegant and exclusively stylish pocket knife gives you a handy aid in the most desired times. The US Army Rescue Folding Knife model is exclusive with the LED light facility with mini flashlight.
  • The handle length is 4.75 inches which are quite flexible for carrying the product to anyplace.
  • This best pocket knife has serrated design which is patterned for an attractive look
  • The hand length of the pocket knife is only 4.76 inches and the thickness of the blade is 2.75 inches which quickly gives a cutting solution to any hard surfaces.
  • The exceptional of having LED light gives you proper light to the utility area which makes your slicing or cutting perfect.
  • The product can be used to cut the seatbelt to any hard or thin slices.
  • Another sophisticated feature is that the product has windshield which is a real punch to the knife
  • The overall length is 8 inches with a clip point. It has a stainless steel of 1045 with an anodized black.
  • The thickness of the stainless blade is 2.75mm.
  • The handle is made out of cast metal which gives it a perfect strength when pressurized for cutting purpose.
  • Accomplished with steel bolsters and inner lining in steel the best pocket knife gives an industrial grip.

Kershaw Oso Sweet (1830) Folding Pocketknife

Highlighted Powerful Features

Kershaw Oso Sweet Folding Pocketknife with Satin-Finished
  • The exclusive supportive pocket knife Kershaw 1830 OSO Sweet Knife with Stainless-steel Blade and Kershaw 1830 OSO Sweet Knife NylonKershaw 1830 OSO Sweet Knife with Stainless-Steel Blade and Nylon Handle with SpeedSafe Handle with Speedsafe has a leisure handle that is accomplished with the scale patterns.
  • The sophisticated product is made of stainless steel is AUS6 A for retaining its sharpness and toughness with perfect edges for cutting apples to heavy, tough objects.
  • It is safe at any cost and the speed of cutting is quite easier with this model
  • The best pocket knife has a magnificent handle which is black molded with glass and filled with nylon.
  • You can operate it using the manual assistance and fits into your hand perfectly. The handle is lightweight too.
  • Trac –Tec enables you with pure gripping facility when your knife is wet as well.
  • The blade quality is Sandvik 14C28N which resist rusting at any cost. Made of quality polyimide the handle is engineered to withstand the thermal stability as well.
  • The design is popular for the classical design with an attraction of carrying to anyplace anytime.
  • Marvellous and easily operating smooth knife is definitely an asset to your collection of the best pocket knives you may have. The model is quick, safe and less tiresome when using it.
  • The speed and safely indulged pocket knife is pulled out on the ambidextrous flipper on which the blade comes out for ready use.
  • The accessibility on using the knife is quite hassled free making it more efficient with high-performance features.
  • The pocket knife has satisfactory retention, hardness and strength with wearing resistance. The blade length is 3.1 and when closed the length is 4.1 with the satin finish.
  • The blade style is Drop point and the material is 8CR13MoV Stainless Steel and the weight of the knife is only 2.9oz

Case Cutlery 042 Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife with Stainless Steel Blades

Highlighted Powerful Features

  • The pocket knife is made of genuinely made of bone which is strong and is resistant to corrosion. Case Cutlery 042 Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife
  • The blades are Tru-Sharp surgical steel stainless which are high quality making your slicing more easy the product is sheep foot and Spey blades as well.
  • The #42 Case Medium stockman feature denotes the jigged peach seed, Amber.
  • The weight of the best pocket knife is 2.5 oz with limited lifetime warranty.
  • The specification is 6318 SS with clear and sharp surgical steel clip. The Spey blades are 3 ½ when closed.
  • The easy to use product gives you a style combined efficiency to cut the objects within less exertion.
  • The product, is 4 x 2 x 1 inches as well.

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