Best Saltwater Spinning Reels Reviews

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If you are like me, then there is no experience better than heading out on the water and tying to haul in the biggest fish. Whether your favored fishing point is a boat, jetty, pier or surf, saltwater fishing can be compared to no other.

Over the last few years there has been a quiet revolution in the quality of saltwater spinning reels designed and manufactured, with brands like Okuma, Penn, Shimano, and Abu Garcia leading the pack.

That is why we have scoured high and low to find the best spinning reels available, in order to make your job easier when you go out shopping for your next fishing trip.

So go ahead and get ready for an in-depth saltwater spinning reel review.

Things To Consider

There are several factors that will determine the type of saltwater fishing reel to select:

  • Type of fish
  • Fishing location
  • The taste and preference of the angler
  • Your fishing method and fishing experience

Type of Material

Not all the fishing reels are designed for use in saltwater fishing. It is important to go for a fishing reel that will not corrode with salt water in order to provide you with a long-lasting use.The fact is:

  • Fishing reels that are made of magnesium will easily corrode. Despite magnesium being lightweight and common in many fishing reels, you shouldn’t choose it for saltwater fishing because it easily gets damaged.
  • Aluminum, on the other hand, is a great material for making saltwater fishing reels. It is lightweight, sturdy and lasts for an extended period of time.
  • There are some other brands that are made of graphite because it is durable, lightweight and very strong.
  • Some fishing reels like the Okuma Trio High Speed Spinning Reel are designed with a hybrid construction, which is a combination of graphite and aluminum components making it very strong and corrosion resistant.

Size of the reel

The size of your reel will determine the size of the line to be used when you are fishing. If you are fishing anglerfish and viperfish, which are found in deep-water, you definitely require a large-sized fishing reel that will hold a large line capacity.

If you are fishing in-shore, a medium to large-sized fishing will work perfectly well because you do not require a large line capacity.

So how will you determine if a reel is large sized or medium? There is no fixed rule of thumb for fishing reel size. Some manufacturer rates their reel as just 20, or some do it as 200, or even 2000. But both are of the same size. So here is the final size:

  • Small- 10/100/1000 – 35/350/35000
  • Medium – 40/400/4000 – 55/550/5500
  • Large – 60/600/6000 and upper


keeps the line in place. Some of the common materials that are used to make the spool are aluminum and graphite. These are materials that will not corrode, in fact these makes the spool durable. Graphite made spools are lighter compared to aluminum spools.

Gear Ratio

You do not want to spend the whole day without catching your species. If you are a serious angler looking for an ideal saltwater fishing reel, you need to look for a reel that has more gears. This will determine how fast you catch the fish.

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