Best Swamp Rat Knives

The Ontario Swamp RAT Knives Series can stand the test of durability. Made from 1095 steel, and canvas textured Micarta handles, this really is one robust knife. The Ontario Knife Company has one of the foremost comprehensive product lines within the cutlery trade of survival knives these days. As a worldwide provider, Ontario Knives is a provider to the U.S. Government and its military. Ontario delivers real craftsmanship, high quality materials and components. Black coated non-reflective blade, the Full Tang blades are hardened to 55-57 HRC and canvas Micarta scales rounded for comfort. Lanyard hole in the handle. Includes nylon sheath.


I’ve had the enjoyment of utilizing my RAT 7 on three trips and am really amazed with it’s handling and general efficiency. Much better than typical balance and excellent proportions, the RAT 7 feels, sophisticated in hand. This is a bare contrast to the really ‘practical” feel of my RTAK II and RAT 3.

On paper, the RAT 7 draws a direct contrast to the Recon Scout, though no 2 blades might be additional apart in feel. Both have 7 inch blades with comparable cutting edge sweep. The Recon Scout, with its chunky blade and extremely top-heavy feel, make it feel like a larger knife than it really is. The RAT 7, with its much better percentage and balance, feels smaller sized and even more active than its abilities pay for.

It is comprehended that no 1 blade can do-it-all. From my experience, I’ve discovered the RAT 7 to do all things very well. I have actually not made use of a blade that might be much better labelled, an “all around” knife. There are knives that do specific things much better, however I have not utilized one that does as lots of things. It is an extremely comfy carver and excellent wood splitter. At 3/16 inch thick, the blade slices really well and has less tendency to crescent like the RTAK II. Without the mass, it needs more down pressure with the holding hand when battoning.

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