How to Improve Your Golf Game: 5 Simple Strokes to Lower Your Handicap

According to Nifty Golf, “It is projected that the revenue of golf courses and country clubs in the U.S. will amount to approximately 23.6 billion U.S. dollars by 2022.”

How to Improve Your Golf Game

Golf is a hugely popular sport and pastime, and it’s picking up more fans over time. As with any game, the thrill and enjoyment of the activity come from improving your skills and progress.

Read these five tips to learn how to improve your golf game.

1. Find Your Most Consistent Shot

To take some golf strokes off your game, go through your collection of clubs and try to hit your golf balls a series of exact distances. You can try to hit exactly 30 yards, 40, 50, 60, and more.

After you’ve experimented with different distances, record how close your balls landed to where you intended. What you’ll find is that you can hit the range you intend more often for certain distances. For example, you might see that when you try to hit the ball 50 yards, you usually tend to hit it long or short, but you’re pretty good at hitting the ball right at 40 yards.

Once you’ve found the distance that you’re best at hitting, keep that distance in mind in all of your future games. If the green is too far for you to hit easily in one stroke, aim instead to hit the ball to land 40 yards away from the green (or however far your best distance is).

This way, you can follow it up with your signature shot and land the ball right where you want it.

2. Practice Outside of Games

Improving your golf game requires hyper-focusing on specific parts of the game and practicing them until you get better. A high level of skill in golf requires a high level of expertise in each of the tiny mini-skills inside of golf.

Look especially for the parts of golf you struggle in. Isolate them and practice them to shore up your weak points.

3. Use Visualization

In every sport and most achievements of any kind, the people who achieve the greatest success use the technique of visualization. Before you take your shot, visualize how you will take the shot, and how you would like it to go.

By holding firmly in your mind the way you want your shot to go, you’ll become better and better at making the shot actually go that way.

4. Learn to Stretch

To improve golf performance, go through the movements of your swing and notice which muscles you extend. Take those same muscles and stretch them out before swinging so that no stiffness pulls against the intended direction of your body. 

5. Use a Pre-Shot RoutineĀ 

For different golf strokes or your usual routine, a mental rehearsal of encouraging and calming thoughts can help you play at your best. Over time, your brain will learn to fall into the state of “flow” and prepare itself to do its best when you go through a personal ritual.

More On How to Improve Your Golf Game

We hope you learned something helpful about how to improve your golf game. To learn more about outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, and camping, check out our other pages.

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